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Congratulations to WFSC Graduating Seniors and the awards they have received from USFS.  The level of recognition is based on their highest level of achievement in competition and tests in all disciplines of figure skating.
Luca Becker, Platinum level
Sarah Bishop, Platinum level
Suzannah Boaz, Platinum level
Isabel Dame, Silver level
Juliana Drozd, Gold level
Helen Feng, Platinum level
Kimberly Ferguson, Bronze level
Anna Fiscarelli-Mintz, Bronze level
Caroline Katzman, Platinum level
Katherine Kelleher, Silver level
Brenna Leonard, Platinum level
Sabrina Li, Platinum level
Madeline Martin, Platinum level
Dominique Mickiewicz, Gold level
Ashley Naraine, Gold level
Sophie Pauly, Silver level
Madison Rudolf, Platinum level
Meghan Schaefer, Platinum level
Alexandra Scott, Platinum level
Marissa Sumathipala, Gold level
Janie Wu, Gold level



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