Serving as a judge, referee, or technical specialist is yet another way of supporting the sport of figure skating. Officials are indispensable for running all our test sessions and competitions. These volunteers ensure that all rules and regulations that govern figure skating are being followed. Interested in becoming an official? Here are the basic requirements:


Test Judges are responsible for evaluating Moves in the Field, Free Skate, Pattern Dance, and Free Dance tests at local test sessions. A judge’s job is to determine whether the skater’s performance during the test meets the standard to pass the test, exceeds the standard, or earn Honors or Distinction, or whether the skater needs to retry the test. A panel of three judges scores most tests, and the majority rule determines the test result. Few low-level tests require only one judge. For more details please visit US Figure Skating site.

In the 6.0 system each judge ranks the performances from the best to weakest, according to the rules and their own evaluation of a performance. The accounting procedures will then combine all the judges rankings and produce standings for the panel as a whole.

In IJS judges assign grades of execution for each separate element and also score three separate program components. In this system skaters are not compared to one another but rather have the elements of the program evaluated according to established standards. For more details please visit US Figure Skating site.

An event referee makes sure all the officials, volunteers, and skaters are present and ready before the event begins. The referee also ensures that judges are aware of the rules for their segment, times of warm ups and each skater’s performance. She or he communicates with the ice monitor, announcer, and music player to keep the event running smoothly. For more details please visit US Figure Skating site.

Technical panel officials are key figures in conducting IJS competitions. Technical specialists and controllers determine which elements have been executed, including element levels and jump rotation takeoff edge calls. They are also responsible for determining how elements comply with the rules for that competition segment for that level and discipline – they then apply bonuses, or apply deductions for falls and rule violations, and delete elements that don’t meet the program requirements.

A team of technical specialist, assistant technical specialist, and technical controller works together to make these determinations in real time while the program is in process and when necessary by reviewing events on video as soon as the performance is completed. For complex elements, each team member may be assigned to keep track of different level features, or to focus on one of the two partners in partnered dance and pair events. For more details please visit US Figure Skating site.

Accountants create the random draws for skate order in each event and prepare paperwork that judges and technical panels use to record marks. They use computers and/or paperwork to calculate results and publicly post the results after the event has concluded. For more details please visit US Figure Skating site.

Announcers are the ones with the microphone at any test or competition! Anyone can volunteer as an announcer at a test session or non-qualifying competition, and we will provide training. Announcers notify skaters, coaches, and spectators of warmup times, introduce skaters to the judges and audience, and make other general announcements.

To volunteer at a test session, please contact or To announce at one of WFSC’s non-qualifying competitions please contact

Anyone can volunteer to play music at a test session or non-qualifying competition. WFSC will provide training!

The music coordinators  are responsible for:

  • Collecting music from skaters for free skate or dance tests, as well as competitions
  • Arrange digital files into playlists based on event, and start order
  • Prepare standard pattern dance music for pattern dance tests and competitions
  • Play music for skaters during tests and competitions

If you are interested in volunteering as a music coordinator, please contact:

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