Our hospitality volunteers are critical to the successful execution of our test sessions and competitions. The typical responsibilities of a hospitality volunteer are:

  1. Setting up the judge’s room with beverages and snacks
  2. Collecting and ordering meals for officials and volunteers that are present all day
  3. If officials need rides to airport or hotel, arranging transportation for them
  4. At competitions, managing accommodations for officials
  5. Handling the little emergencies that come up during the event

Digital Technology

We are looking for volunteers that are savvy with building websites, social media, data analysis to help broaden our online and social media engagement.


We are looking for graphic designers to help design creatives, merchandise for various events.


At test sessions, announce the skaters taking the ice for warm up. For moves in the field, will also announce each move and for dance tests will announce the name of skater and dance. At competitions, announce the skaters taking the ice and what club they represent. More detailed instructions will be provided on the day of the event. We’re really looking for volunteers that can speak loudly and clearly.

Social Events

We’re looking to expand our social events beyond the usual Winter Social and Annual Meeting. We’re looking for people with ideas and people who can execute. For example, someone who can reach out to restaurants and negotiate contracts to host watch parties or fundraisers.

Board Member

We’re constantly looking for board members who are excited to lead efforts. Board members typically serve on a variety of committees and help out across all WFSC events.

Music Player

Music is played for various tests and at competitions. The volunteer has a rinkside seat to watch and carefully monitor each skater and play the appropriate music.

Club Ice Monitor

Much like ice monitors at test sessions, club ice monitors are responsible for checking in skaters entering the ice. In addition, at club sessions, the club ice monitor accepts payments for walk-ons.

Diversity Committee

We are looking for volunteers to help WFSC move the needle on diversity in figure skating. On this committee, you’ll propose events for us to host, typically in partnership with local organizations that are already working to promote diversity in figure skating.

Synchronized Skating Committee

We are looking for volunteers to help design events to engage the synchro community as part of WFSC, and also track the achievements of synchro organizations representing us.

Theater on Ice Committee

We are looking for volunteers to help design events to engage the theater on ice community as part of WFSC, and also track the achievements of theater on ice organizations representing us.

Adult Skating Committee

We are looking for volunteers to help increase programming with the adult skating community. We need new ideas for events to host and volunteers to help lead and staff the New Year's Invitational, an adult competition that draws skaters from all along the east coast.

Volunteer Roles

Many people find volunteering to be intrinsically rewarding. But if you need additional reasons, here are some:

  • We can sign for community service hours for kids that need it
  • You will get the opportunity to meet officials and board members and learn what it takes to make tests and competitions actually happen
  • You will get to network with other volunteers

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